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Can We Please Put The Bucs Away For Once?

Mary Jones

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Im not sure how this season will end, but one thing that has been eating at me is how consistently we play down to the Bucs level. It really is a hurdle we need to get over so we can finally we get 2 easy wins a year. It just seems like every time we play them, something absolutely miserable happens to keep them in the game. I can go down the list: 2004 - at home, we stop them on 3rd down, force a fumble that is returned for a TD, but they say forward progress was stopped. Reminded me of the 1998 Divisional against the Niners. 2005 - Vick fumbles the handoff to Dunn in the first game, Roddy's drop and the blocked 28 yard FG the second game. 2006 - barely scrape out 2 wins against a terrible team when we are supposed playoff contenders. 2008 - Dunn scores on a 3rd and goal from the 17 -- pathetic. At home, we dominate them, but Ryan throws a pick before the half and they score after 30 minutes of doing nothing. They block our punt and get other aggravating turnovers. 2009 - first game: that ridiculous kickoff return (for a TD i think) when the guy should have fumbled at his 10, second game: the fumbled kickoff right off the bat when we are trying to get a winning season. 2010 - first game, i think they have another TD before the half after doing absolutely nothing. we finally catch a break by stuffing Blount at the end, but that was a good play by the D. second game - they got a diving INT, we lose our diving INT. thankfully, they correctly give us our 2nd diving INT. 2011 - disgusting game capped off by the offsides on 4th and 1. I would love nothing more than to blow this team out

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