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The Importance Of Seizing Opportunity


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while i'll agree its hard to say "hit harder" Lofton did get flagged for making a tackle...

Take the fine.... this is do or die time. You only go as far as your heart will take you in the playoffs. The saints where launching at our players. To bad it only took 1 person to tackle our guys or the second saint would have nailed them.

ex: go back and look what Saints did to favre in that championship game. You can be clean and still hit hard.

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Seizing opportunity is a nice thought. Somehow the very word "seizing" seems way too bold to ascribe it to this bunch of Atlanta Falcons. At this point I'm starting to believe that if we were playing a sick cat in the play-offs, we'd come home with our eyeballs scratched out and a tourniquet on our azz.sad.png

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