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Green Bay Playing To Win


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It will be interesting to see how long they play to win, but we shall see. Helps us if they do.


Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy can do the Falcons a real solid.

Word out of Green Bay is that Packers head coach will play to win the game against the Detroit Lions. (Guess he doesn’t like them very much or something like that.)

My guys up there are not exactly sure what that means — playing to win. They are not sure if he’ll play his starters just a little bit or let them go the whole way.

My folks could see him playing it like a preseason game and yanking his studs at halftime.

The big question is whether if he’s going to allow wide receiver Greg Jennings, tackle Bryan Bulaga, defensive linemen Ryan Pickett and running back James Starks to play, all of whom are coming off injury.

The speculation is that Jennings, Bulaga and Pickett will play a little and Starks won’t play at all.

Offensive tackle Chad Clifton is going to play for the first time since the Atlanta game, but he likely won’t start.

The word is that McCarthy really wants to win the game and he won’t rest massive amounts of guys. But he’s not going to be stupid either.

The Falcons need to win and have the Packers beat the Lions to move into the fifth seed for the playoffs. They’ll likely get the Giants-Cowboys winner if they can move up. If they stay put at No. 6, then they are back off to New Orleans for a rematch with Drew Brees and the Saints.

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I expect the starters to play for 1Q to 1/2 of the game. Well, key starters like ARod, Woodson, CM3, and Raji for sure. We have nothing to gain. Get the guys out there, get some reps, and rest to get healthy. Would like to see Clifton get some reps since he hasn't in weeks, but it will be nice to be healthy for the playoffs. Too bad Jennings won't be able to get out for a few snaps but oh well.

Flynn isnt bad as a backup QB so maybe he does well. Hope they beat the Lions for you guys, then make sure you pound the NFC East winner!

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Guest Negatorris

We have to play the Pack and NO as the 6th seed. I'd rather take the 5th.

We could beat them both though.

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