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Not sure if this has been posted yet, but the 2012 Pro Bowl rosters have been released and only Falcons player is on the list, Gonzalez of course. I do feel like there should have been more of our players on this roster, but I'd rather see our players in the SB than the PB anyway. Felt 'Spoon and Turner were left off.


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The Falcons will always get overloked in these things, unless we have a spectacularly good seasons - especially since the flawed public vote was introduced.

A lot of players get selected based on reputation and hype, and a team like ours who quietly go about their business and who are disrespected in the media, will always be overlooked.

Lofton will struggle as long as Urlacher and Willis are still playing, as those guys get a ton of votes based on reputation alone - irrespectiove of whether or not they are the best right now. It will be a struggle for Spoon as well, as 3-4 OLBs will be favoured amongst fans based on their gaudy sack numbers.

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I thought Spoon and Lofton deserved to go. The whole thing is a joke anyway, I mean Cam Newton is the first alternate for QB over both Ryan and Stafford.

Spoon is the only one that really deserved to go this year outside of Tony. In some cases yea some players get in on some joke stuff it happens sometimes. Rodgers got snubbed last year and a lot of people were pissed about that.

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