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Discussion Between Refs On The Safety Non Safety


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Ref1: easy call sir, 55 was dragged down while brees was in his own endzone.

Ref2: Still to much time in the game for this to happen, have you seen 2 play? We can't give the Falcons a chance. We can't call more than 1 hold on the Saints and we used that up in the 2nd qt. My hands are tied.

Ref1: But sir, we have allowed the Saints Dbs to mug the Falcons wrs all day, is that not enough? 84 won't shut up as is and these bs calls make him talk more, I didn't even know that was possible.

Ref2: If it was enough would we have to miss offsides and blatant hits on defenseless wrs. Remind me to send a get well card to #81.

Ref1: Doesn't this hurt our chances of getting the officiating jobs in the playoffs?

Ref2: How do you think I got to work the Saint/Vikings playoff game in 09 son. Stick to the scrip, Flag on Falcons blind on Saints.

Ref1: Yes sir....................

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The qb still had the ball in the endzone.No OL down the field and brees was looking to pass. It would be a forward pass in the stats column which is a pass. No flag for anything was called and like Jon Gruden said "HUH???????"

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It was a non safety because it wasn't a safety. It was a screen pass and the RB was demolished as soon as he took off running out the backfield.

My problem is this ... I didn't think that the refs could use "intent" to determine whether something was a penalty or not.

Here's an example:

Roddy White runs a 10-yard pattern and breaks to the inside of the field. The problem is, Matt Ryan called for him to break to the sideline, and that is where the ball is thrown. There is no receiver in the area and the play is ruled as Intentional Grounding.

The refs cannot use the "intent" of the play to determine if there was SUPPOSED to be a player in the area, they can only go on whether or not there actually was a player there or not. The same thing should hold true in this case. The ball was NOT thrown as a screen pass, so the block is illegal. Had Brees thrown the ball to the feet of the intended "screen" receiver, then I could believe it. They HAVE to call the play for what happens, not what was supposed to happen. SMDH

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I purpose that for any future holding calls we get called for we just explain to the ref that the play was a slow developing screen play and holding/take downs are allowed right?

Abe was taken down in the endzone while Brees had two feet in the endzone. Easy holding call for 2 points for the defense. The refs were living in the moment and knew that the league would want the record to fall while a national audience was watching its as simple as that.

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There was some crooked officials in this game weather there was bias, payoff, or Katrina sympathy, we got ripped off. I wish the players would walk off the feild in protest when this BS presents itself then maybe the league would take action. This same crap happened in the Houston game a few weeks back, not sure if it was same officals

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