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Mike Peterson And Kelvin Hayden Placed On Ir.


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Will someone question this Hayden guy?

He has for the fourth straight year gotten away with playing about 10 games and sitting out 6 with injuries.

He plays great in the games he is not injured and suckers teams into signing him thinking he will not be an injury bug but then just ends up getting hurt.

And what was his problem this year - an injured toe? Cut it off-he would probably be ready to play!

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Coy Wire is a FA. He's a logical choice.

And if Nich isn't ready for TB, I want to see what Dent has. He's been an absolute beast on ST this year.

They may add no one --- there were 6 LBs on the roster and nearly every game day 1 was inactive, usually Adkins. So now just 1 less inactive on game day.

Also Robert James is still on the practice squad, they could activate him.

But who knows, they may sign someone off the street. But how could they be of any help, unless it's someone like Wire (as they did with Romberg and left Valdez on the PS)

At CB the same thing, they still have 5 on their roster and they could keep all of them active on game day with an additional 1 less inactive player.

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