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This Team Will Not Take The Next Level Until 3 Things Change


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This team will not take the next level until they get some respectable offensive lineman and defensive lineman, and some new coordinators. Look at the pocket that Brees, Rogers, and Brady has to step into. Blalock is decent, but outside of him the rest of the line sucks. Todd gets manhandled by bigger defensive lineman, Clabo and Hawley are horrible, and anyone playing against whoever is playing left tackle just about gets Ryan killed. They cannot pass block to save their lives and they suck at run blocking.

Outside of Abe, nobody else generates pressure. Babs and Peters are good players, but don't generate enough pressure up the middle. These coordinators are just plain garbage.

I hope Mularky gets the Jags so he can take his same 4 formations that he calls with him. The guy is to predictable, Julio in the backfield everyone knew where the ball was going, and the same run play he calls is just pathetic. Jon Gruden said it better himself our defense is too predictable, BVG is just horrible at drawing up formations. I have been calling for his head since he got here.There is too much talent on this defense for it to allow teams to always convert 3rd and long. They guy cannot draw up a blitz to save his life.

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Eh... our team NEVER fixes the problems. Just puts a nice shiny coat of paint on a bunch of rust...

We let the one piece of offensive lineman last year that can fix anything away... Baker is laughable, Svitek is serviceable but he isn't a problem solver. Turner can barely operate under that line, let alone Ryan. And the D-Line... hahaha. Shout out to Ray Edwards. He's not gonna show up on that field but he's gonna tweet that he's getting money. Oh well. Dimitroff screwed up on that. And because of that, with an aging Abe, we will not have a real pass rush. Babs is good but with him and Peters, it's not enough right.

Finally... the coordinators have to go period. BVG needs to be cut as soon as we are out of the playoffs. MM right behind him since he's going to Jax anyway, and Smith gets one more year...

And if that doesn't work.. .let's start talking about trading some of these players... as far as I'm concerned, this is an average team that needs to be vamped up through trade since we don't have the draft picks anymore.

This team is just........ I'd rather watch a Hawks game at this point.

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no we have the players on the D Line

its BVGs soft azz scheme that kills us

Babs, Peters,Jerry, Abe, Edwards Beirmann , sid

all are very good and a couple of those guys I would call Very Very Good

BVG should have been fired last yr when we didnt see the Packers Punter in a Div. Playoff Game @ Home

I think TD McKay and Smitty see that now too....

now O Line....yea thats been a problem

S Baker = Garbage

Mud Duck = Old

Clabo = Overrated

Blaylock = Back up

the best O Lineman we have had this yr is WS and he wasnt even the Starter when the 2011 season Began .....

where Falcons are set is Skill Players and Back 7








Massive Weapons across the Board

even with all those weapons, its LBs that are the strength of this team

Lofton and Spoon are both Complete Beast

the secondary is better than you guys think, they are just forced to play in this soft azz zone shell that gets ripped apart by the NFL Elite QBs

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Hmm, I wouldn't mind seeing this team move to Vegas. And changing the name. And changing the coaching staff.

I'd laugh then b/c Saints fans would have no one to beef with anymore... they don't even recognize the other NFC South teams existence lol.

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I agree Shred, look at the pocket that the great qbs have to step into. People wants to talk about the deep ball, but you need time for that. Algae made a great point on 790, he says that Brady doesn't even have a deep threat, but his receivers has time to get into the holes in the zones. When the packers lost their offensive lineman were hut and Rogers looked average. Brees had time last night for his receivers to run option routes 10+ yards pass the los.

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See you in the playoffs....oh wait...ohmy.png LMMFAO!! Giants are gonna crush you and I will love every dam second of it.

I can understand you not wanting to face the Cowboys in the playoffs.

I wish I knew where you lived.......... the violence that would occur....... you sorry excuse for a living human being. I'd be glad to change that living status. smile.png


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