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When The Season Started, Would You Have Been Happy With 10 Wins?


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Honestly, this season has been exactly what I expected. I thought the team would lose more games than the regular season last year because they wouldn't be as focused week in and week out. I also expected this team to win enough games to get into the playoffs and play their best when they get there.

We'll see about that last thing. A lot of people are giving up on that, but I am going to tune in and watch anyway.

Me too. Last night was bad but it will never be Monday, December 26th, 2011 ever again. Forget last night because this team will be better.

Friend was talking to me in the first month and a half into the season and he was talking about how the Falcons wont make th playoffs and I said just wait until we go beat the Packers in the divisional rd, then we will talk.

I meant it then and I believe it even more now.

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The only team we lost to this year that I feel we absolutely shouldn't have is Tampa Bay. We really should have beaten GB and N.O. the first time in our place but the fact we didn't doesn't eat me up like the Tampa bay loss does.

Don't forget the Houston game against a 3rd string rookie QB

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If that is what you see from where you sit Rev, you need to get better seats next season. It looks a lot different from where I sit. The objective after last season was supposed to be to make the team better, not take giant strides backwards.

The pass rush that was supposed to be improved from last seasons efforts is almost non existent this season. The “more explosive offense” hits a brick wall on the 20 yard line. The offensive line has become one of those imaginary lines that the front office draws on the field.

Take Ryan, Turner, White and Gonzo and put them on ANY other team in the NFL and I would bet they would not stall in the red zone. MM has a special gift that no other OC could possibly match when it comes to being able to fail with that kind of talent.

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I had them winning 11 to 12 games, so Im a little disappointed. Im really disappointed in how they have played for most of the season. Im so disappointed that we cannot hang with the true elite(GB & NO) in the NFL. Were Not playing like a SB team. If we are 1 and done again, then Blank needs to give out some pink slips. Our coaching staff is behind the modern day NFL times.

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