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Pedal To The Metal


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I have been in in competitive activities just about my entire life.

From Football to Tennis to Darts.

From personal experience on both sides of the equation

this is The Truth whether you like it or not.

The High Caliber and the Elite Teams do not happen over night

and when it comes down to the BIG GAMES the High Caliber Teams Step on the Gas.

Heck they not only step on it the Stomp the Pedal to the freaking Metal.

You never Ever let up and By Gawd that's the way the Game was played last night,

and we took a whuppin.

The only way for a High Caliber Team to become Elite is to

keep going at it season after season, and Stay the Course.

The Saints Brought it last night and they played their azzes

off and took it with out reservation or freaking pitty.

As it should be, you never show an opponent any mercy,

you just Put Them Out of Their Misery PERIOD!

So as we head into the playoffs we can either cry like a

little beyotch or say Skrew the Rise Up and MAN UP.. because

last night was just a taste of what is coming in the playoffs,

and BY GAWD we either want this or we dont.

Their is no shame in losing the way we did last night as long as

our team can suck it up and get plum mad dog mean or

simply call it a season like a bunch of SISSY's.

So between now and then we all best hope that last night

was the Game that lit a Fire.

Sportsmanship is when you learn to congratulate your opponent when they beat you,

no matter how bad the loss, and no matter how much you hate losing.

I Tip my Hat to the Aints today but will be looking for some freaking payback in a few weeks.

That is just the way it is.

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