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Smith's Comments To Dol


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From the AJC interview with Coach Smith:

ON THE TEAM BEING TOO HAPPY ABOUT BEING IN THE PLAYOFFS: There was a lot to play for in this ball game in terms of seeding in the post-season tournament. Believe me, our internal goals are much higher than just making the playoffs and being a participant in the playoff field. We knew what was at stake tonight. We knew that we didn’t have complete control, but we had an opportunity if we would have taken care of business there would have been a potential to move up in the seedings. . . we are disappointed. But no, I don’t think it had anything to do with us becoming a member of the playoff picture and securing a spot. We were fighting our tails off before the ball game to try to enhance and get our seeding a little bit higher.


I think the exact opposite is true. The team last night (once again) had no fire in their bellies. More "business as usual". Other than a little stunt on the first play, which gained 1 yard, the offense was predictable. There was no sense of urgency whatsoever. Needless penalties, dropped balls, a 93 yd KO return: all tell tale signs of not being focused and turning in a lackadaisical effort. William Moore was the only guy who brought his A game.

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