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Making Good On My Bet With Sk

Falcon Man™

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#1...you don't know this and neither do I .........

#2 outcome of the game will not change but that doesn't mean that changes can't be made for future games

#3 SEE post #2

#4 with that nic and that pic in your profile I don't think your a falcon fan so you can STFU as far as I'm concerned........your thoughts are worthless ,

Little did I know what I got my self into! OH NOES a TATF homer is mad at me! laugh.png

See what you started SK??? lol!

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Didn't know about the sig bet and when I was told of it I did apoligise............and if you think I'M a HOMER you need to visit tatf more often or ask some one whos been here longer


Yes, I know you apologized. I mentioned what a good gesture that was in another thread when someone mentioned it. Don't take the HOMER reference personal, it's just a generalization of TATF. We are ALL homers to some extent (at least that is what I believe...).

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