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Falcons Will Release The "real" Team Come Playoff Time! We'll Show The World!


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Unless they change stuff up we will see the same results. Blown out at the SuperDome. BVG should throw away his gameplan and try something new. Heck, try a Rex Ryan's defense. Maybe that might throw off the Saints. I just want them to be unpredictable on both sides of the ball. Give it try BVG! Run a Rex Ryan's type defense. It can't be any worse than what I saw last night.

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Why we haven't run the same Defense, we ran on MNF in georgia Dome... It was first and the last time, I saw that defense.. WTF happened

Exactly!!! even though we lost that was a great game and the Saints didn't score anymore than the usually do in that game but our D looked like they could've taken the game if we only had a little more time on the clock, Why do we pickup players to make the D better but we don't recognize that a blitzing D may help overcome some of our short comings ala the saints.

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