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Some Positives From The Game.


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Matt Ryan eclipsed the 4,000 mark.

Roddy now has 1,227 receiving yards.

Julio now has 883 receiving yards.

Tony now has 867 receiving yards.

I know stats don't matter but with 117 receiving yards next week against a depleted Tampa Bay team, we'll have two thousand yard receivers. And if our wonder boy Tony G can somehow rack up 133 yards receiving, we'll have three thousand yard receivers.

When's the last time the Falcons have had three thousand yard receivers? Let alone two?

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It'll be great if Julio can get 1000 yards.

Imagine what this team could be if they had an Oline. If Matt had Brees' Oline he probably could've set the record this year.

It's ridiculous how much time Brees has in the pocket, where as Matt drops back and has about a second to make a throw, step up, or scramble out because the pocket collapses so fast.

Seriously just wait till we get our OL fixed, I think we'll bring in 2 Players (1 FA and 1 through the Draft) to help out and if they pan out than this O will be very very dangerous next year. Especially if we get a new OC and DC.

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Matt had a great game. There was a long touch throw to Julio in the first half, that made me think "He is locked in today." I was impressed with his poise, and I hate to use that word. He hung in there and kept fighting, kept making great throws while the team collapsed around him.

That is really the only positive I have. sad.png

We are in the playoffs, so yay i guess. I dont feel too positive about that at the moment. Smitty has been great at getting his team to forget about a loss, bounce back, etc... but this is such a confidence killer.

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