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" Characteristic " I'll Say It!


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OUR "CHARATARISTICS", Can't win on "Primetime" , Can't win "BIG GAMES" (they chuckled about this in pregame!), Can't stop on "3rd Downs" (I would get nervous with 3rd & 50!) Can't win with a College minded DC, BVClueless! Can't score in the "red zone" , Can't catch pass' with #1 draft choice WR's. (Roddy leads the league in drops!) Can't return KO's,PR (OK, we knew this would happen with rule change - why not trade Weems - not his fault, when his stock was high coming off a Pro Bowl yr?) Can't "on sides kick" - I know, not needed in this game but where is creativity from the Special Teams? Can't blame Baker or Owens for this latest mess! Eleven days off & this is all BVClueless gives us? We gave up over 300 yds in the first half! 8 for 8 or 9 for 9 on third downs? What a JOKE! Call Jack NOW! & yes, I do believe we can win it all THIS YEAR! Smitty MUST take the "D" over NOW! We again have an "easy" game coming up this weekend, who knows the 1st playoff game opponent will be, IF the Saints, I still believe its tough beating a team 3 times in 1 season - believe it!

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