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Well.... (New Jersey Question)

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I know everyone is talking about our loss but I want a new jersey and I'm not sure who's jersey I want. Kinda torn between spoon and jones because I'd like a player who is going to be around for a long time. What do you think their futures will be like, who would one be more proud of... Not sure how long turner and white are going to be around, but possibilities. Not really into QB jerseys because they are so common and although Ryan is a good player he's not exactly a cool player lol... Gonzales is temping because of he's a class act and he's obviously hall of fame bound. Ideas and opinions?

(I guess this thread might be moved to the 365 forum but in my defense I'm going to get my jersey from so this isn't specifically a 365 question. Secondly, not very many post in that forum so you can't blame me for wanting more eyes.)

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