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Execute, Is Not In The Falcons Vocab.

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Execute: 1)To carry out fully,2)Enforce. Teams like the New Orleans, and Green Bay, make it look so easy when the have the ball. But with the Falcons I find my self applauding just because someone made a catch or made a block, or even hitting the hole with force because I'm holding my breath every time Matt Ryan drops back to pass or Michael Turner runs. The defense don't get me started!

Why, cant we beat teams with winning records? Low and behold,every team we face in the playoffs, guess what, is going to have a winning record! Seem like we get a team with more Excuses: 1) Pardon 2) Release from obligation. Now i am glad we made the playoffs because everyone is 0-0 second week in January. I just want some respect more than anything.

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