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Tidbits From Tonight Some Good And Bad


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1. Turner 39 yards on 11 TRYS- Absolute Failutre- Snelling in 4 touches almost totaled the same amount of yards.

2. Dunta constantly getting burned. One bright spot in an interception

3. Refs were Atrocious and need to be fired

4. Julio Jones huge fumble sealed it, but he had a decent game going over 100 yards

5. Roddy also went over 100 yards but that drop was big

6. Our defense was embarrassing, it was like the GB game, but we finally forced a punt . looking at the tackle totals its just horrible, we better bring it come playoffs cause this performace will not do

7. MIKE SMITH DO NOT EVER GIVE THEM ANY MORE EXTRA REST. We suck every time we get a break, we aren’t a self-motivated team that can be

allowed to slack off or they will not play like its urgent when game day gets here.

8. Matt ryan on a high note had the highest amount of yards of his carrer with over 370.

9. BVG must be replaced if we want to beat good teams. He can dominate bad teams like the jags and colts, but he cannot compete with adequate to good teams.

10. Mike smith needs to wipe that stoic look off his face and grab someone by the facemask and tell them to get their head in the game!

11. Everyone on our oline except blalock needs to be replaced this offsesason.

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