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Twas The Night Before A Tampa Bay Buccaneer Christmas

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through Raymond James, the seats were all empty, fans withering in pain.

With two weeks left, both divisional games. Buccaneer fans are hoping for no more of the same.

The fans are all hungry for a coach with some flair, like the time when JonGruden once spent time there.

The players were nestled, all snug in their beds. While visions of a SuperBowl danced in their heads.

No more counting pennies, next year we must spend 89% of the cap. We’ll settle our brains for a strong NFLDraft.

Cause on the field, this season’s been a disaster. We all tried to figure, what was a matter.

Away from the stadium we flew like a flash, opting for for home instead of spending cash.

The memories of a season not too long ago, seems like something we may never again know.

But what is that, my ears do hear? This team is young, and will have a bounce back year.

With a little drive, lively and quick. We know this team can be quite slick.

We’ve seen glimpses of greatness here and there in a game, the time is now to stop assigning blame.

Now Barber! Now Blount! Now Williams and Freeman!

Give us once again, something to believe in!

Next season we know, they’ll get straight to their work. No lockout to ponder, hinder, or irk.

The hope is they’ll be much wiser pros. To the top of the division, hopefully we’ll have arose.

No more penalties, heard by the ref’s whistle. They’ll fly off the ball like the down of a thistle.

And we’ll hear them exclaim, amid cannons and scoreboard lights. “On to the Super Bowl!” To New Orleans we’ll take flight!

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He didn't get shyt!! He coached a Dungy team against a team he'd coached the previous year.......and after that,,,,,,,HE SUCKED.........

I could go along with that if it werent for 2 obvious things.

1. Gruden built the Raider team that he faced in the Super Bowl.

2. Dungy didnt win a Super Bowl until he had Peyton Manning.

So, where I can say that Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson's team (seeing as though the team had already won just two years before) you really cant day that about Dungy. Did Dungy even get them to a Super Bowl or sniff a Super Bowl...thought not.

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This was the last season. Which evidently was the entire reason behind hiring a position coach that barely knows how to wipe his own *** as their head coach. Listen to him some time. The dude speaks as fast as he can to get everyone past the fact he's a moron!

jb, lest we remind you of your earlier accolades towards Radio? Unless you are saying now you were completely wrong?


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