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Margin of Victory - Falcons vs. Saints  

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  1. 1. What will the margin of victory be?

    • Falcons by 1-3
    • Falcons by 4-7
    • Falcons by 8-13
    • Falcons by 14+
    • Saints by 1-3
    • Saints by 4-7
    • Saints by 8-13
    • Saints by 14+

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So when y'all bring up, "We are KILLING it in the Pooperdome this season," why would it matter - technically it's the past, no? huh.png

Please define the "Past." Is there a specific statute of limitations?

according to Falcons fans one year is too far back....at least that is what we were being told last year whenever any Saints fan brought up our Lombardi

or is the one year rule in effect only when it doesn't help the Falcons? :D

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