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Roddy Says Falcons Need To Scrap The Deep Pass?wtf?

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Roddy needs a history lesson, such as:

  • Lynn Swann had John Stallworth
  • Mark Duper had Mark Clayton
  • James Lofton had Charlie Joiner
  • Chris Carter had Randy Moss
  • Michael Irvin had Alvin Harper
  • Marvin Harrison had Reggie Wayne
  • Jerry Rice had John Taylor
  • Steve Smith had Muhsin Muhammed

etc., etc., etc.......

So Roddy should stop sulking and embrace JJ as a complement to him as he is to JJ!

I will give him one benefit of the doubt. Rumour has it that one his quads has been hurt all year and it only crossed my mind after the very first play against Houston which was a deep pass along the sideline. Roddy was a step past the DB and the throw was one stride too far, but it seemed to me that Roddy almost slowed up at the last possible second (he certainly didn't try to dive for it). I do think he's enough of a competitor not to give up on the throw but it really seemed to me like he was missing that final gear. I know I sound like a Ryan apologist - but re-watch the play, the throw wasn't 10 yards past Roddy - it definitely was within a realistic diving attempt.

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Despite what White thinks. The Falcons have to work on their deep throws. Imagine meeting the Packers again in the playoffs? Packers have already played a Falcons team in the playoffs that couldn't throw deep.

Falcons have 4 more games to work on utilizing JJ as the deep threat he was drafted to be, if they do get into the postseason. I hate to say it, but the rookie will be the difference in the Falcons being one and done, or the Falcons winning their first playoff game.

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