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Congrats No On The Division.

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I feel that anything is possible except for the Falcons winning a playoff game this year. They haven't showed me anything to deserve a playoff win. Only thing they've done this year is piss down their leg and hide the wet spot.------------- I sure don't remember saying this? have never used "pissed down their leg and hide the wet spot". Oh well, says I did, so I must have. I honestly think those words are alittle harsh. If they can show up for these last 4 games and earn that spot, I'll be happy as ****!!

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haha i think it's funny how no falcons fan cared to point out earlier this season how no team in the division wins it back 2 back. they didn't suddenly forget about that did they ?

You can laugh at that all you want but this is how it may shake out over Smitty's reign.

Falcons 08'


Falcons 09'


Falcons 10'


Falcons 11'

1st or 2nd

Not a bad thing being consistent I mean!


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