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We Don't Deserve The Playoffs


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Im afraid we do get into the playoffs and just get our *** whooped like last year.we just don't deserve it. it seems like every ******* week

we can't close out, can't score, the coaching staff is a

joke, it seems like every ******* 3rd down the opposing offense

can convert, every 3rd down they run that stupid ***

rollout play and it never works. And im a big matt ryan

supportor but **** he cant hit a wide receiver on a

deep pass to save his life,hits roddy first play (touchdown, Julio third play(touchdown) i mean come on . This is superior ******** and im really pissed off

right now. Fire ******* murlarkey, fire the ******* qb coach, and maybey if some

one sticks a flaming rod up BVG *** maybey he'll call an agressive blitz,still think coach smith is the best but **** were going to become the cowboys, all

this talent with no wins. This is just my rant take it for what it is, agree ,disagree, i don't really care, im just tired of puting my faith in this team only to be

let down.

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Well I guess the saint, and other teams because falcons arent the only team that has lost a game they had no business losing you gotta be kinding me. As bad as the team played they were still in it. They are more fustrated than you. I guess the pats don't either the colts made a game of it, it's the freaking NFL

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we dont deserve to go deep in playoffs.......i really sorry for Tony G!

yet again his dream is close to being shattered,,,,

This is true,I see no reason why he will be here another year after this season....the sad thing is,we prob. will sneak into the 6th seed only to get blown out again in the first game of the playoffs...This coaching staff exudes mediocrity

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I feel bad for Tony G and Abe. We're an average team, but since there are only a handful of good teams we'll probably back in to the playoffs. We keep talking about the weapons on offense but we still can't consistently get into the end zone and after seeing it last season, I'm content to concede that the offense is never going to truly take off and the D looks good at times and mediocre most of the time.

*shrugs, just get used to watching someone else make a deep playoff run.

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