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Whatever Happened To The Post-Er The Great American?

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I always wanted to rip into him on the "W is a great American" thing but I just couldn't. Dude was so good-natured, polite, and funny.

Weird how text on a screen can take on a personality.

yea I ripped on him a time or two and always felt like a complete ####ball afterwards.sad.png

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No kidding. Him and JCITOW were awesome.

Yes both were

In the end I had great respect for both of them.

The Great American... he never attacked anyone personally even though many of us through everything at him incl. the kitchen sink.

JCITOW... even though I probably never agreed with anything he said, I admired him for standing for his believes even when everyone around ridiculed him.

Now instead we got snake back... what a bad trade-off :(

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