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Chiefs Waived Ot Jared Gaither.

head busta from augusta

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Really ! let's pick him up since he could'nt start for a team that won 3 games all year

I know nothing about this guy, and never heard of him. But it wouldn't be the first time a good player sat on the bench for a bad team. Stupid personnel decisions are partly what make bad teams--- bad. Not saying to pick him up--- but not starting for KC is not a valid reason to not even consider it.

Look at tape of him playing: then determine based on on-field performance. If insufficient tape exists, work him out, and base the decision on what you see in a workout, hear in an interview, and see from college game tape.

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If his work ethic can make him expendable, even as a backup for the Chiefs, we don't need him.

Remember though that Svitek was also released from the chiefs.

I could see us bringing him in on a trial basis but not to replace Baker. Instead release Chambers to sign him. Then if he works out, you can release Baker in the offseason. It's an extremely low risk move and if it works, we could have two of the best but also cheapest LTs in the league.

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