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Hatin On The Viqueens


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Is it ever too early to Hate on the ViQueens?

The dress in purple, and have braided blond hair.

Just screams Queen as in Drag.

Add your own, because their Trolls are due on this forum

sometime today.

Maybe, but given their teams plight, really don't think there heart would be in it, gauging by the mood of their MB [like a ghost town]. Almost feel for them, nah, heck with those porn posting scumbags! May their longboats go up flames.

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Don't let a poor record get in your way of bashing the Queens. Those pitiless souls go hatin for the sake of it. PLUS they wear PURPLE!

Real no-class fans like Bears fans. Trust me, I know.

No holds barred. They had people posting racial slurs, porn, and saying whatever they wanted to because they knew there were not any mods online at night.

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It's about time. They've been on their way out of Minnesota for years.

All day's done wonders for them, but it's about time they take his talents to LA and see if they can't rejuvenate that franchise before his career is over.

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