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Falconlord's Reflections On The Saints Game


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  • The booth review and subsequent overturn of the 3rd down conversion to Mike Cox in OT was atrocious. How they saw irrefutable video evidence that he lost control prior to reaching the 30, I have no clue. Awful.

  • Speaking of terrible calls, the offensive pass interference on Roddy, are you serious? The next play we throw an INT that leads to New Orleans points.

  • Roddy White is hurting the team more than he is helping now a days. You must take a long, hard look at yourself when you’re a net liability.

  • The decision to go for the 4th and inches was the right one. Is there any doubt that the Saints would have scored had we punted? The playcall, however, was pretty bad. You either sneak it or you run a fake FB dive and pitch it out to the RB. The pitch would work well with Turner at FB and Snellz at HB.

  • The decision to go with an onside kick was a great call as well. You cant kick it deep and give NO the whole field to work with and bleed the clock. We put NO on a short field which makes the Saints use LESS time and gives us the ball back with a chance to do something so long as you keep them out of the endzone.

  • This loss was on the players for the most part. I give Smith some blame because they 4th and Inches play call had to be approved by him. Its hard to blame BVG when he had players in position to make plays and they whiffed. i.e. DeCoud on Meecham's td catch.

  • Matt Ryan has an issue with his mechanics. Yes I said it. I am a huge Ryan supporter, however this issue must be fixed. When he drops his back shoulder and collapses his back leg before throwing, his throws are high and off target. When he stands tall and throws downhill, he makes throws like the TD pass to Gonzo.

  • Can someone explain why we keep running empty backfield, shotgun passes when we need 2 yards or less for a first down? We aren’t a good enough passing team to do this.

  • When the Saints watch back the film, they will see how easily Lance Moore abused D. Robinson on consecutive plays. They will surely go after D. Rob when we travel to NO. Also, D. Rob looked to be the culprit of the blown coverage on the TD pass to Graham in the first half.

  • Eric Weems has made so many mistakes this year. Its time to let this cat go. Multiple times he has let punts hit the ground and roll a while. Today he had two bad penalties. When you have a specialty role and you make this many mistakes, you’re easy to replace.

We have put ourselves in a bad way as far as the playoffs are concerned. This was the biggest game of the season and we came out on the wrong end. I am consistently disappointed with our playcalling and by now, I give this blame to Mike Smith. It’s his job to make sure the coordinators are utilizing the strengths of the team. If he didn’t want us in empty backfield every time its 3rd and 2, then we wouldn’t happen. It consistently happens, so he must approve of it.

For the reason, I disapprove of Mike Smith right now.

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I agree with most of your assessments except the onside kick and the 4th down play and you forgot the challenge that cost us a needed to. It's not like NO was killing us like GB has done. We had contained their offense pretty well. That was scared coaching. I really agree with you that if MS keeps these coordinators then it all falls on him. I will never like MM after his we couldn't run screens anymore because they would have made an adjustment comment. He runs the same unsuccessful plays again and again but he can't run a successful play again because the defense may adjust. I don't get him.

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