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Fleur De Brees Inside >>>

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Fleur de Brees,

Hey, you wanted to see the 1,050 horsepower car in my garage.

I bought this TransAm new back in 1998. I used to own a performance shop in the New Orleans area (sold it after Katrina when I moved to Texas) and did alot of the work there on the chassis and former engine. In 2008, after I moved to Texas, I changed the engine to a GM LSX small block super stroker 454 and built it to the hilt.

Callies rods and crank, Wiesco pistons, heavily ported Trickflow cylinder heads, Jesel valvetrain, Cam Motion camshaft, ported FAST intake bolted to a Nick Williams throttle body, American Racing headers, custom exhaust system and tons more. The engine alone is good for 765HP, but then I added a twin stage nitrous system for 150/150 hp more (300HP combined) which pushes the available HP to just over 1,065 in total.

The car has a custom built 6-speed tranny, a twin carbon-fiber clutch assemble to handle the hp/torque loads and a Moser 12 Bolt out back twisted by a custom 3 inch driveshaft.

The entire chassis is built with special components to keep everything straight. Baer drilled brakes slow the car.

It was specially built to remain street legal, still offers A/C and nearly 18 MPG on the open highway at 70MPH. It is wicked fast and startles most people when they experience it first hand.

It has a PPG Triple Black mirror paint job and won 1st Place in its category at the World of Wheels in New Orleans a few years ago. It was featured in Car Craft Magazine in 2008.

My wife and i have traveled cross-country on several Hot Rod Power Tours, an annual automotive event where several thousand gearheads get together and enjoy a weeklong celebration of the hot rodding industry.


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The T/A is a beast in every aspect on just motor. 0-60 comes in at 2.7 seconds. I originally added the nitrous for the show effect when placing the car in show events, but then after running it a few times on the track, I was hooked on what it offers.

I hear what you say about boosted engines and agree. For everyday use, it is the way to go. My everyday ride sports a twin turbo 4.4L V-8. BMW X5M series.

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just picked up a 68' Camaro SS '396 off the internet from a 76 yr old lady. I can't wait to hear back to see if the numbers match up. If they do, I'll be a very happy man!!! Thats a sweeeet ride SaintRay, would love to be strapped in for a 1/4 mile in that beast! A whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears in your ride, I'm sure!

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