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Which Falcon(S) Deserving Of Pro Bowl Selection


Which Falcon(s) Deserving of Pro Bowl Selection  

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  1. 1. Which Falcon(s) Deserving of Pro Bowl Selection

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Youre one of the few reasonable and respectable objective posters here. Do you really see anyone other than Turner and Bryant deserving it? I have spoon grimes and peters on the brink. I dont see how gonzo, ryan, lofton, etc... are getting in.

Deserving yea Bryant and Turner are the most deserving coming from this team. Spoon is playing well but he needs to start causing impact plays (Sacks, fumbles, interceptions) to get more recognition. Peters is not getting in especially when Babs was doing the same thing he's doing for a few years and did not get a nod. Grimes is doing his thing but remember he was just an alternate last year by having a ton of interceptions on a 13-3 team. A lot of corners this year have been getting beat this year so he's a toss up.

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DeCoud has to be the worst free safety in the NFC, he deserves the "lol" even more than Dunta.

I Really Disagree, DeCoud Makes A Lot Of Tackles, He Struggles In Pass Defense But His Solid On Stopping The Run. Not Saying He Pro Bowl Worthy, But He Doesn't Deserve That "lol".


I Voted For:

Michael Turner

Tony Gonzalez

Brent Grimes

Sean Weatherspoon

Matt Bryant

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Big Aint. I got ya bro. Graham is ballin and barring a catastrophe should get to the Pro Bowl.

I'm pretty sure they carry two or three TEs so don't count TonyG out yet.

Graham may break some of TonyG's season records but good luck with his career records.

As for Sproles? Maybe as a returner. Definitely not as a RB. Not before AP, Forte and Turner.

I agree, Tony can't be counted out yet, it's still early, I was just talking performance to date. As far as Sproles as RB, I wouldn't say he is over the other guys at top of that category, I was just making the point that leading all RBs in yards per carry , he should at least have made ballot. I know he hasn't had the carries the top guys have, but he did have enough to make the ypc an impressive number. They have RBs on the ballot that have like 10 carries and 2 ypc. Actually, starting last week, there is a coaching effort to give more attention to run game and run the ball more, specifically giving the ball to Sproles more between the tackles which should greatly increase hos RB numbers.

As for Turner, he is top 5 in total yards, but that is a direct relation to the number of carries he gets. The one thing that makes a case for him and Gonzo is what they provide to team in sense of giving them a better chance to win. Gonzo was the only thing going right the first part of the season making some crazy catches. Also, Turner is the thing that has gotten the team back on track. So how much does the MVP aspect play into ProBowl voting? If a lot, then these guys are deserving of vote.


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