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Which Nfl Team Is Most Likely To Go 0-16?

Falcon Freddie

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Which NFL team is most likely to go 0-16?

Choose one:

  • Dolphins -- Miami's lack of fans gives the Dolphins a huge advantage as far as not feeling any pressure to win

  • Rams -- they have the kind of receivers who can come up with a big, clutch drop on a potentially game-winning drive

  • Colts -- the Colts fell short of 16-0 in recent years due to various team weaknesses, but those weaknesses are now strengths in pursuit of 0-16 perfection

  • Lions -- they've lost two in a row to fall to 5-2 and I'm sure a franchise this historically awful can find a way to get those five wins vacated

From: Sports Pickle.com

Link: http://www.sportspickle.com/poll/8481

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If there is one it will probably be the Colts. I don't think the Dolphins will win more than 2 and the Rams if they can get there act together with their division they could end up with about 4 wins. Either way Colts, Dolphins, Cardinals, Rams & Vikings are all in the running for the #1 pick.

Jaguars and Broncos may find themselves in the running too. I think all of these teams are in danger of winning 4 or less games.

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