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Missouri Headed To Sec


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Missouri's decision to apply for membership to the Southeastern Conference is "inevitable and imminent," The New York Times reported Monday, citing an unnamed university official.

The official also anticipated Missouri would have "no problem" acquiring the necessary votes from SEC presidents to allow for the move.

A specific timeframe is yet to be set but the process of leaving the Big 12 and applying for the SEC is reportedly set to begin Thursday and Friday when the school's Board of Curators meet at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas said last week that he expected Missouri to remain in the conference next year, but the move could see the school play in the SEC from 2012.

If the switch is completed, Missouri would become the SEC's 14th member, after Texas A&M was added in September. Fourteen is the preferred number for the SEC as it makes scheduling simpler.

The Big 12 would be left with nine teams should Missouri leave, meaning a likely expansion of one or three more schools and further shuffling of the college landscape.

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Auburn would move to the East and Alabama would be their protected rival

that won't happen.. auburn won't be moving and missouri will go to the east imo. there is no way they will get rid of the bama/vols game and bama was one of the teams (with a few others) who were holding up the invite to missouri because they didn't want auburn to move.

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I agree with Sac. Missouri gets moved to the East to preserve all rivalries and common opponents. Missouri and A&M will be each others common opponent from the other division. I read some where that if Missouri comes to the SEC East. The only road game they play that would be farther than any road game in the Big 12 would be at UF.

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