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More Rules In The Yellow Lot

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I guess the saying is true, "You get what you pay for". Paying $15 is priceless but the rules that come with the cheap parking is crazy. Parking in the Yellow Lot makes you feel like your living with your parents...

Here is the new rule in the Yellow Lot... If your not in the parking lot by 8:30 am, you will not be allowed to park at the bottom of the lot. At 8:30 they start to fill the top section of the lot before allowing people to drive to the bottom.... Also, you can not hold parking spots with chairs to allow the rest of your crew to show up.

Now here is the crazy part to this, It takes 30 minutes just to get inside the parking lot because they only have 2 gates open... They have 4 gates that they can open to ease the line.... How can the RV's start to tailgate before the 5 hour rule...

If your caught arguing with some one, they have the right to put you out of the parking lot and even take your season tickets for up to 3 years...

On Sunday it had to be about 20-30 security guards, Atlanta Police officers, GWCC Police patroling the parking lot... this was just for a Carolina Panthers game, I can't wait to see what happens for the New Orleans Saints game... we might have Georgia State Troopers.

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Well BullPup, the next time your in the Yellow Lot stop by and say hello the ATLFALCOHOLICS, were located in the middle of the lot at the bottom of the steps... Just listen for SUITE on the M.I.C....

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

3 years they can take your season tickets?


I Would play dumb as could be and say, "what tickets, I'm here to watch the invisible hawks"

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