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Ever Wonder Why We Play Our Cbs Ten Yards Off?

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Because our corners are not elite players...including Grimes. They don't have the size or speed to play bump and run effectively. Let's be honest...our secondary sucks, compared to others(GB, CIN, PHI, etc.) I'm not a huge fan of Dunta, but I will say he comes from man, so putting him in zone is stupid...it was stupid to sign him. OH...and BVG sucks! I love my Falcons, but I'm becoming a little indifferent about this year. We are obviously not gonna make the Bowl, if even the playoffs...Super Bowl loser is the same as the worst team in the league. All or nothing, and this year, we are not gonna get it ALL. Sad really...we had so much going for us last year, and now this. We look lost out there...

Dunta can play bump and run. Grimes of course can't but we should have Grimes in zone and Dunta in man. It's imbalance but Dunta is zone is imbalance by itself.

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But is this conservative lineup really hurting us that much? This is just my own memory but quick short passes for 5 yards to the receivers are not what's hurting us.

To me, it seems more like we are being hurt with receivers in the middle of the field with nobody on them picking up 20 yards or instead screens that should only get 5-10 yards getting twice that.

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