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What Will You Do If We Win Against The Pack?

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WHEN the Falcons beat the Packers, I will be here saying TOLD YA SO and believing that we are back in sync and are a top team in the NFC for sure

the next 3 games I see us going 2-1, only loss being @Detroit...I also don't get why people think we are gonna lose to Carolina. Yeah, Newton's been playing pretty good but they aren't winning games, they are 1-3...the Pack in 2008 had a great pass attack but went 6-10, and we beat them. Its not like great pass attack=loss, we've beaten great pass attacks before, we just didn't do it by trying to outpass those teams like everyone seems to think is the only way you can really be a good team


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To me, this is just another day, another game. It would be different if we were facing them in the playoffs again. I don't fear any team out there, ever! I am not into this whole "wow, they are dangerous and scary!" crap.

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I'll call me own mother up. Tell her I love her.... say that we should get together soon....drive to athens... ring her doorbell......

lick my hand and slap the #$%^ out her......record it.....and post it on this site.

If atlanta wins...prepare to see my mother get the $%^& slapped out her

...."I'm a man of my word......muahahahahahaha!!!!

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Win or Lose....My attitude will be on how the Coaching staff prepares our team for this game...

IF we win b.c. of turnovers or refs...then we should not have won at all...

We must win with showing a better all around team effort and coaching in this game..otherwise...

it'll be the Jekyll and Hyde senario....we might win...but it was by pure chance, not being the better team of

players and coaches...

I will be disappointed yet again, like its been all season, if we win it will be chance, if we lose, as I think we will, it will only show how pathetic our coaches are even more..

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