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Snelling got hurt. Grimes has been shutdown. They aren't throwing to his side. That's why he's MIA. I really want to see Mike Johnson as well though. Reynolds is just not good. Johnson can't do any worse.

But one thing many people are overlooking is the play of Owens. He didn't give up anything yesterday. Even when Dunta was down for a second and Franks stepped in, they still looked good. I was kind of happy to see that. Even Adkins got some PT. At least BVG knows what he has in his toolshed and is using it. MM on the other hand, has talent sitting on the bench and not using it. 3 games and Meier, Palmer, and Weems have how many catches? HD has how many catches?

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Dahl has a temper. He was always going off, often costing us penalties, fighting with his own team during practices, etc - but he was good at run / pass blocking.

If we're to blame our offensive line troubles on his loss, then only factor would be his meanness. You might make a case that the rest of the line didn't want to make him mad... so they played harder. :)

Seems a bit of a stretch, tho.

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I think what we lost with Dahl was leadership. He set the tone and gave the O line and identity. They were a rough, mean, nasty group that was capable of intimidation. Now they are just a bunch of guys who can't block anyone. Dahl was not the greatest lineman in the league, but his leadership is what is lacking now. That is something that is much harder to replace.

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