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2 Fumbles 1 Pic A Slow Start & A Critical 4Th Down Mistake


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Who was that team wearing Falcon jerseys yesterday? If we come out and start a game that unprepared again, I think I will kick something. We looked dysfunctional at best. Stupid mistakes, turnovers, and penalties. We have been unprepared and slow to adjust ever since the Green Bay loss.

Last year we looked disciplined, well coached, and had great special teams (except in playoff disaster). Our kickoff coverage was great, Weems was fantastic and our punter was always there. Now none of that exist.

I really like Matt Ryan. He is gutsy but why do we pretend to run up the dam middle when the holes don't exist. It is plain as toast to see if Ryan is not getting protection (Baker Reynolds) then chances are there will be no holes for Turner to run through. Why did it take us 2 quaters to see this?

1 We have to protect Ryan or he will go down with an injury---even if we go to the "hurry-up" all the time.

2 We have to cut down on the penalties and tackle better

3 We have to find a better KO/punter---Bosher is hurting this team

All this being said, Ryan was gutsy and the defense played decent

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