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Mike Mularkey Sucks

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Ill say it again......how many times are we going to punt the ball away when we need a TD to win..........How many times are we going to kick a field goal when we need 7 to win? why are we the worst in the league at understanding what we have to do to win and doing the exact opposite and why the **** I repeat, why the **** do we only play like it matters when we are down in the fourth quarter with 2 drives left at max? Why dont we come out gunning and playing like the game matters the whole time....so maybe for once we can have a lead.....so our BVG defense can function like its supposed tooo..........with a lead.....then we force arrant throws and turnovers.........we suck......not because our players suck...........because our coaching sucks...end of story.....we dont barely ever beat good teams, we never beat great teams and we never have a ******* lead...we dont even know what its like to be ahead......we havent even had a lead this year yet and its going to be week four

******* PATHETIC


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Mularkey is the greatest O Coordinator in the world. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer when he dies.

lay off the crack pipe....how many offensive tds does he have with the most talent in the NFL................dont count the ones from last week because those came after Ryan shut his helmet communications with mularkey off

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