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Who Here Believes That We Play Better When Ryan Calls The Plays (I.e. No Huddle) ? Why Not Let Him Call All Plays The Way Manning Has Been Allowed To?

Should Ryan call all plays on Offense from now on  

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  1. 1. Should Ryan call all plays on Offense from now on?

    • YES--the only time we play good at all is when he calls plays in the No Huddle
    • NO--are you out of your mind--its not Mularkey's PlayCalling its the lack of execution

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One thing I heard during the Eagles game was that our no huddle attack is limited to just a few plays. Not like at Indy where Peyton has the full offense or at least a more robust playbook to choose from in no huddle situations. This may be why we don't run it more but that clearly needs to change.

This is true. If you listen, Ryan is calling numbers when we are in it "5", "6", "2", which are obviously predefined plays. What I believe is helping the most is it appears he's adjusting the protection schemes at the line after reading the defense. While Ryan is not Peyton, I have seen enough to believe he is > Mularkey, and would have no problem with him running an Indy style offense. His smarts are by far his greatest strength.

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if this season doesnt show that Mularkey's scheming and playcalling are the problem--then what does?

Mularkey should be in a mental institution for NFL has-been coordinators who suffer from trying to do the same thing over and over again that does not work and expecting different results

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MM can design a great offense scheme, he just calls the worst plays possible for the situation....Matt Ryan however, uses the plays MM has drawn up and leads our team down field calling the right plays at the right time....

So Yes Matt should call the plays, in huddle or no huddle, let MM design it, let Matt call it...simple.

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