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We Don't Finish Drives Anymore

Dharma Initiative

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We used to be one of the top teams in the redzone. That has completely gone away. Ryan seems to march down the field when he needs to then the team chokes out in the redzone.

It looked from my seats today like Julio had a potential TD pass go his way and he made a bad angle to try and grab it and it went behind him.

And we all know about the Roddy drop.......

And the 4th down call that we just didn't make happen.

We just can't finish a drive, we honestly handed the Buccs that win. Aside from the red zone woes we didn't get any sacks for the second game in a row. We made stupid penalties. The o-line leading to costly fumbles.

We outplayed the Buccs in all 3 facets today, but we didn't finish executing. Very, very painful to watch

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