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O-Line And Coaching


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I just feel we have to much talent to be this bad. Defense showed up today but still we had them in 2nd-11 plenty of times and still could not stop them from making it 3rd-1, 3rd-4.To me this is do to that soft *** zone those blitzes that a 4 year old could audible to block and that sorry excuse for tackling that we produce, that all lays in how the coaches prepare the players.

I don't know what the **** happened to our offensive line.I thought that with the leadership that McClure would bring when he came back,but that just hasn't been the case.Did Daul mean that much to our o-line. I thought he was a good player but McClure brought the leadership to it. It's just so sad to see a great line like last year crumble to some 2nd year players. And please don't get me started on ******* Sam Baker. The man let Adrian Clayborn Make Matt Ryan and him his *****.Clabo by the looks of things doesn't deserve his contract,Blaylock doesn't deserve his either,McClure looked just plain old, and Garrett Reynold got ****** in the *** by Gerald McCoy. The only reason the no-Huddle works so well is because 1.Matt calls the play and that predictable Malarkey doesn't 2.they use quick,quick,quick passes then bombs you deep and mix in the run like a real offense does 3.the o-line doesn't have to block that long.

So after this long rant I propose this in the off-season fire Malarkey and 70's Porno Vangorder,Move Sam Baker to Guard and draft or sign a real LT,Higher a smart and aggressive offensive and defensive coordinator, LET MATT TAKE OVER THE ******* OFFENSE, And finally GET RID OF THE 3-3-5 AND BLITZ FROM SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN THE ******* NICKLE POSITION


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