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Nfl Networks Top 10 Lists


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what do you think of them in general? some of them to me are extremely stupid

the worst ones were top 10 things we loved about the 2000s and top 10 things we miss about football

I literally enjoyed NONE of the things on the 2000s list, and the things we missed was so stupid

the goal post in the middle of the field? yeah, that just makes it harder to see good 1 on 1 battles on the goal line if they are worried about the post..I like jack.*** and ridiculousness, but not in football...its competition

angry opponents? who cares if the players are friends if they play their best on the field, this isn't some gang war

stick-em?..seriously..thats all I can say about that one

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The program counts down 10 items directly related to the players, coaches, and events of the NFL, with former players, NFL Network personalities, and other members of the media weighing in on the picks.NFL players ever to have strapped on the cleats. You don’t have to be a fan, but I ask that you just respect that these guys played the game like it was meant to be played, leaving it all on the field and then some.

fantasy sports

fantasy football

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