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Vantage Point Is Boring

Ohio Dirty Bird

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I use to look forward to Falcons Highlights aka "Vantage Point" But since last year they become very boring and unoriginal. Playing the same song over and over gives it no new game feeling.

They must be making cut backs at Falcons.com or something because they are starting it again this year. (Falcons on top Falcons gonna win bla bla bla)

what happen to all the creativity?????

Anyone else agree??????????

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Yeah, I like Sevendust and I like the song but I'd like to see them use music that might relate to the story line of the game. It feels like we're missing out on highlights while they cut away to Sevendust performing as well.

Yea i like the song too , But its just gettin old on Vantage Points every week. and you are right they show the video more then the highlights

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although yours is terrible and uninformed, you are entitled to it.

Sir,how is it uninformed when I have heared all 3 bands? Let say I made the comment well even though I havent heared any songs by those bands I think they're terrible. That would be uninformed.
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Yeah, uninformed isn't the word. Wrong is the word lol

I will say this though out all 3 bands sevendust is the one I dislike the least. I mean do disturbed fans honestly like it when the dude does the hacking hairball sounds? Do disturbed fans like music? Once you hear one disturbed song you've heared em all. Edited by Sleepy27
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Them and disturbed. I liken hearing a disturbed song to hearing a saints fan saying "who dat"

Disturbed is the band you use to introduce folks to "harder" type music

Random fella: hey big sleep im in intrigued by heavier type music?

Me: alright here you go sir this is what you need

A: box of swiss miss hot cocoa mix

B: package of cherry twizzler pull n peels

C: candyland board game

D: disturbed cds

Random fella: thanks big sleep hopefully I'll graduate to better stuff later on!

Me: no problem big fella, and trust me you will.

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