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Dan Beebe Out As Big 12 Commissioner

Cable Guy

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only thing that will keep OU in the Big 12 now is for Texas to work a deal out with OU dealing with the LHN

Yeah and they have made it pretty clear that Texas will have to make concessions on their deal with LHN. Beebe is getting a lot of mention for keeping the Big 12 together a year ago and getting a new deal done, but what I haven't heard the media people saying is what Beebe essentially did is make a lot of promises he couldn't follow through on. He allowed Texas to have a lot more power than they should have in the conference. And while I don't know if Beebe was "on UT's payroll" it certainly goes to fact that while Texas refuses equal revenue sharing, the more they make the more everyone else makes after they get their cut.

Oklahoma has taken a much more bold position this time around. Last year they were quiet and just kinda looking to see what's happening... but in the past year Texas has made it pretty clear they don't intend on helping anyone but themselves. This is why we've heard Bob Stoops come out and say they'll be ok without the Texas rivalry, that things change and we have to move on. Oklahoma will almost certainly end up separated from Texas, because I can only see UT going independent which is going to end up being a bad move for them. There will be ZERO reason to schedule an independent or tough OOC opponent. Stoops has even alluded to the notion that Oklahoma would have no interest in scheduling Texas OOC. I don't think they would be the only one.

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