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Our O-Line Stats Good / Bad


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Have a look at the link above, you can sort categories many ways regarding our o-line

The Bad

QB Hits

1: Atlanta Falcons = 18

1: Chicago Bears = 18


1: Chicago Bears = 11

2: Seattle Seahawks = 10

3: Atlanta Falcons = 9

Rushing Attempts

32: Seattle Seahawks = 35

32: Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 35

30: Chicago Bears = 39

29:Arizona Cardinals = 30

28: Tennessee Titans = 42

28: Indianapolis Colts = 42

26: Atlanta Faloncs = 43

The Good

Rushing Yds Avg

1: Eagles = 6.0

2: Bills = 5.9

3. Falcons = 5.8

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Well what I take from this is we are doing very well with running the ball when we do. Just we aren't running it enough.

From what I understand both the bears and eagles were playing safety's deep to stop jones and white from breaking the big play. This explains why our running game is avg almost 6 yards a carry. So why did we not continue to pound the rock?

Matt Ryan has been hit the most in the league tied with Cutler. If we ran more it would mean Ryan should be hit less. Also means we'd give up less sacks. We say we take what they are giving us while you can see they are giving us the run. Keep running until those safety's drop and we send jones over the Top for an Explosive TD!

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