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Gonzalez's 3Rd Quarter Touchdown Reminds Me Of A Classic Scene From "the Sandlot" . . .


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Anyone else remember the scene where the main kid (the narrator) can't make a catch to save his life, so the super talented kid goes out to left field and essentially says "Just stand here and hold your glove out and I'll take care of everything." Then he goes back to the plate and hits a fly ball directly into the kid's glove just so he can make a catch and gain some respect from the other kids.

Here, I found a link!

It's a sweet scene in part because it shows just how much talent the one kid has AND that he is a genuinely nice guy.

What does that have to do with the 3rd quarter touchdown? I've been watching the game again and really paying attention to what Sam Baker did . . . and frankly, it is really just horrible. I don't know if he was sick, injured, drunk or what, but there is no way he can be an NFL lineman with what he was showing on Sunday Night.

On running plays, I saw him literally flop at linebackers' feet as they jumped over him to make plays. I saw Coles beat him so badly off the ball that he was making tackles on Turner up the middle . . . from Baker's OUTSIDE . . .in the backfield. On passes, I saw him get bull rushed so badly that BAKER should have gotten credit for the sack. And, of course, he got beat to the outside so badly Ryan was getting sacked less than 2 seconds after the ball was snapped.

I don't know who Matt Ryan's life insurance carrier is, but they need to make sure Mullarkey does something about Baker or they will be paying on Ryan's policy by week 10.

Suffice to say that Baker showed that he could not make a block to save his life (or Ryan's life.)

Which finally brings me to the 3rd quarter TD and the scene from "The Sandlot." I think Ryan had been sacked twice on the previous three and out. So (to Mullarkey's credit) they tighten the gaps so that Gonzalez is lined straight up on Coles. At the snap, Gonzalez absolutely STANDS COLES UP! It was very quick contact but Gonzalez is able to release and get down field before Coles is moving forward again. Baker meanwhile, is literally just standing there, watching Gonzalez make the block (HIS block) then sort of backpedals while Coles, apparently in shock that he was actually blocked, goes into the middle and gets clogged up Ryan releases the ball. Baker never touches anybody the entire play. Gonzalez makes the nice seam catch and bulls his way into the endzone. Touchdown.

"Here Sam, you just stand right there and I'll take care of everything. You are that incompetent and I am that talented. And maybe no one will notice that I did all the work and you will get some credit."

OK, it might be a reach of an analogy, but watching it in sequence with Baker's futility cracked me up.

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