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Arkansas @ Alabama


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to me Ark. Offense is just as effective as it was last year. Plus I feel better about our run game this year than I did last year. RB-Wingo has shown nice improvemnet each game and from last year /combined with Dennis Johnson who was beastly against Fla., Aub, Bama in 2009 and with the new looks of getting Joe adams the ball out of the backfield like fla did with Hayden.. I feel real good about our chances of scoring enough points to win.

Our D has more experience, talent and depth across the board than last year. Definite improvement there.

Bama's O is not as effective this year with the loss of McCElroy and Julio. Thats a fact. Run game will still be formitable, of course.

Bama's D I see as just as good as last year, even with the loss of some starters.

Return game Ark has an advantage with Joe adams who looks dialed in and super dangerous. also Dennis Johnson is a very good return man and Marquel Wade has emerged as another Joe Adams type explosive return man.

Wow, I feel even better after putting it all down.....

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That Bama defense has a bit to do with it as well.

Florida plays Bama and LSU back to back. I fear for John Brantley's life.

True, but Wilson isn't doing himself any favors. He's throwing some terrible balls out there... and he's not on the same page with his receivers at all.

Still not impressed with Bama's offense.

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Great atmosphere for the game today. Crowd was into it an hour before kickoff until it was over. Defense with another solid game, especially with the loss of Mosley early in the game. Keep hearing every year how Petrino is going to out-scheme Saban but still waiting to see it happen. I expect the Florida game to be a much bigger challenge -- as good as LSU looks, I worry about the Florida game more given that they match up in talent and we are in their house.

As for Arkansas, I think they will bounce back and have a fine season, but I think they are clearly the #3 team in the SEC West at this juncture. Wilson is a good quarterback but just did not have time to throw today after Alabama shut down the running game.

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Well that was embarrassing, I definitely overrated Wilson, and we definitely missed Davis and Bequette. Go ahead and throw Mallett on that list. Sigh...

Davis was a good back no doubt, but he would have had much tougher sledding behind this year's offensive line. And I think Mallett, given his limited mobility, would have struggled behind this line -- Wilson at least gave himself a chance on a few plays today by moving outside the pocket. He is a gritty quarterback, and I was really impressed by his toughness, particularly on the second touchdown throw when he hung in there.

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