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Something Funny I Just Remembered From The Game.

The Martyr

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Did anyone else laugh when Matt Ryan was hit after throwing the ball and did a split.

At first I was saying "Oh no, they hurt Matty!" But after I saw that he was okay, and they showed the replay, I literally laughed out loud.

I'm usually nervous during the big games when we are losing, but that had me chuckling, even while we were down.

Does anyone have a video of it? I would love to see it again!

It actually reminded me a lot of that Saints game last year, where Ryan did a QB sneak on 4th and 1, and he fought hard for the extra yards, and I thought it looked hilarious.

Just a random thought. Can't wait until Sunday.

Go Falcons!

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That got me PISSSSSSEEEDDDDD off like NO tomorrow.....was not funny at all. He almost literally got ripped in two.....plus the defender had his head in a lock and pushed off on his head and just kind of "Threw" Ryan off of him....Not cool. But ICEMAN got the last laugh in the end

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. . . . yeah horsecollars are hilarious . . . . WTF?!

BTW sorry MilleniumFalcon, this comment isn't aimed at you. Your GIF is just a great representation.

What pissed me off the most is he kept applying pressure to his neck or head even after he was down. If I was Smitty I would have put in a back-up linemen and kicked him right in the bawls next play. Yeah I'm petty like that.

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