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Kickoffs Analysis.


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Well, I rewatched the game and I noticed that Bosher can kick longer than he does but for some reason he keeps kicking a little short to the right, don't know exactly why. Here is the analysis:

1st kickoff:

Bosher kicks it to the right to the 1 yd line, Lewis returns it to the 21. Bierman hits him at the 17, but Lewis keeps pushing 4 more yds.


Bosher kicks it deep, a little bit to the right, 4 yards inside endzone. Returned for 20 yds to 16. Biermann again with a good tackle.


Again to the right, 1yd inside endzone. Returned 23 yds to 22. Biermann again with the tackle, but Weems missed one at 16 yd line.


Again a little bit to the right, just at the 0 yd line. Lewis has open field in front of him until Bosher makes a good tackle at the 27 but Lewis keeps pushing to the 30.


Due to penalty, we kick from the 40, the ball goes through the uprights and five yds deep pass the endzone. Touchback. If it would have been kicked from the 35 the ball would have gone 8 yds or so inside the endzone.


Kicked to the right and 3yds inside endzone. Lewis returns it 63 yds but eagles get flagged for holding. They start at 19.

Average return yds: 23,5

Average opponent starting position: 21,3

So, in my opinion we try to kick a little bit short to force teams to return and catch them before they get to the 20. If not i don't understand why we keep kicking to the same side and always a little bit short. And as i said, Bosher can kick it longer as he showed on the lone touchback he had. I'm not going to comment the punting department because in that Bosher really sucks.

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I think he will get better. Keonon was/is way overpaid. I remember seeing a ton of bad punts from him.

Bosher's worse punt was the 18 yarder... as bad as it was he was standing at the back of the endzone and had to do a quick punt. I've seen a ton of guys in the NFL mess that punt up due to being a short snap and quicker pressure.

He is not so good yet but can only improve (I hope)

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I would rather give up the 3-5 yards to eliminate the risk of having a big return. As we saw near the end of the Philly game, their guy broke off a big run, only to have it come back due to a penalty. Even though it came back, it goes to show the potential of bad things happening.

Yes, i'm not defending what we do, i simply posted a trend that i noticed, i always thought it's better to kick for a touchback and not allow a return. As you said it's less dangerous.

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I would rather the opposing team start at the 20 every time and make them go the length of the field, and whats been up with some of our own field position? weems takes it out and only gets about half way or so or less than 20 yards we need to improve on our own starting field position.

I don't know what the **** Weems is doing this year. He is making more bad decisions than good. He had one or two decent returns in the Iggle game. He's misjudging kicks and the ones he's choosing to run out, he's misjudging his blocks. If you're going to bring it out, do so with gusto!
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He is not kicking it short on purpose. That's just silly. As soon as someone takes it to the house on us, you will realize how silly that notion is.

I have a feeling that as soon as someone takes it to the house on us, you will see him kicking it longer. He's proven with a few of his kicks that he DOES have the leg to kick it pretty deep. The kick after the penalty being a perfect example. He kicked it THROUGH the uprights from the 40. Back it up 5 yards to the 35 and that same kick would have, more than likely, still landed behind the end zone.

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