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5 Hour Tailgate Rules


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This new rule should not apply to all NFL teams just because some fools cant control there emotions. This past Sunday was a nightmare trying to set up for the tailgate because the Yellow Lot didn't allow tailgating until 3pm. I don't understand how you can allow RV's to tailgate before 3pm but regular cars and truck have to wait.

Night games and late afternoon games are golden oppurtunities for tailgaters to set up early relax and cook some real food. Limiting the time to tailgate will not reduce the amount of liquor consumed, it just means less eating and more drinking. Our next home game is 8:30 and once again the gates wont open until 3:30 this really sucks.

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It really depends on how well you know Atlanta and what direction your going... I'm heading to I-20 West. Once you leave the Yellow Lot on Northside Drive, make a right onto Ivan Allen (Simpson Rd). Go about 6 miles and make left on Westlake Dr then make right onto MLK and I-20 is right there... This takes about 10-15min and no traffic...

If your heading to Marrieta you can make a right out of the lot onto Northside and follow it to Marrieta Blvd and take it all the way to I-285 this will turn into S. Atlanta Rd...

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Thanks Dipper! I will be going back 85 south. Any directions? I really do noy know my way around Atlanta. Thanks.

Ok here are the directions from the Yellow Lot to I-85 South...

Exiting out the back of the Yellow Lot:

  1. Make a left onto Nothside Drive (You might have to make a U-turn, sometime they force you to turn right.
  2. Once you made the turn on Northside, make a right onto Simpson Rd.
  3. Make a Left on W.Lake Ave (about 6-7 miles)
  4. Make a Right onto MLK (4-5 miles)
  5. Go under the bridge and make a right at the 1st light Anderson Rd.
  6. Make a immediate left onto I-20 W.
  7. Merge all the way to the left lane and exit onto I-285 South
  8. Follow the signs to I-85 South

Should take you about 15-20 minutes and you missed all the traffic...

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