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In The Name Of Scott Case Please Try Willymo At Free Safety

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I'm telling you that's the move BVG. Trust me on this one.

Put that boy on the back side. He will thrive.

He is faster than any of our safeties, has a grip on the defense and can get way more plays at that position.

Dude can blitz, play the run and do a better job on the back end in coverage than DeCoud and Sanders..

Furthermore he can patrol the secondary and deliver Case type hits on anybody that wants to come across the middle of our defense.

Let Sanders play SS. He looks more like a SS than a FS to me.

We shifted Case from a Pro Bowl corner position to an as beatin FS position.

I think it's time to do the same with WillyMo..

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yep...worth a look. i think it's funny that they still have DeCoud listed no1 on depth chart. Sanders plays 90% of the snaps after a few weeks of study and BVG says it's a weekly competition :rolleyes: i'm hopin' all is good with Hayden's hammy too...guess we'll know more later in the day.

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