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2010 Scoring Breakdown: Your Thoughts?


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I know from watching games we are a very good 4th quarter team. I took a glance through the 2010 box scores and came up with the following numbers. I did this by hand, so excuse some minor errors. It should be very close.

Here are 16 game totals for 2010:

  • Total Score (excluding 2 OTs) Atlanta 411 / Opponents 275

  • 1st Quarter Atlanta 69 / Opponents 75

  • 2nd Quarter Atlanta 148 / Opponents 55

  • 3rd Quarter Atlanta 84 / Opponents 79

  • 4th Quarter Atlanta 111/ Opponents 66

Some observations:

  • We dominate the 2nd and 4th quarters

  • We lose the 1st quarter and are almost even in the 3rd

Some questions:

  • Why do we we start both halves slow?

  • Why do we warm up at the end of both halves?

  • How many of our points are scored in the last 7 minuts of each half?

  • How often are we in the no huddle at times other than the last 10 minutes of each half??

Possible Implications:

  • Ryan is a slow starter, needs to get warmed up.

  • Ryan is more comfortable in the up tempo/no huddle offense.

  • It's all a total coincidence...no implications

  • Defensive calls are more aggressive late in halves trying to get the ball back

  • These score numbers correlate with turnovers...we get turnovers in the 2nd and 4th

What, if anything, does this mean to you? All serious thoughts are appreciated.

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